No cost? 

You may be asking, "How do they do that?!" or, "What's the catch?" Our screening is designed so that the applicant assumes the $65 processing fee. This way, there is no cost to you! Having the applicant pay the fee helps make sure the potential tenant is serious about your property and it is consistent with what the pros do. If the potential tenant doesn't want to pay for their application, you probably don't want them as a tenant!

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Once you have received your RentGrade report, all you have to do is review the information and decide on the next steps you would like to take with your applicant! Our report allows you to make a confident decision about your potential tenant without violating privacy or Fair Credit laws. You can view a sample RentGrade report and a breakdown of the grading by clicking here.

If you decide you do not wish to lease to the applicant based on adverse information in the report, please let us know and we will provide your applicant with an Adverse Action Letter. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that we let any applicant know the factors contributing to their adverse information.

If you decide to move forward with your applicant and have them become your tenant, congratulations! We are thrilled that we could help- please let us know if we can assist you with our inspection services.

Once you have placed your tenant, if you decide you no longer want to manage your property, let someone take care of it for you. Check out this full service property management company and let them know we sent you!

What do I do once I receive my RentGrade Report?

Let's get started:

What is RentGrade?

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Why should I screen?

Application screening will help you take the risk out of renting. Without a screening report, you run a higher risk of putting your keys in the wrong hands and losing potential profit. Vacancy costs can be, well, costly, but the price of a poor tenant can be substantially higher. It is far better to have no tenant than to have a bad tenant!

Before signing a lease, you need to have confidence that your new tenant has good credit references, a background free of criminal activity, and has not been previously evicted.

With our report, you'll receive information so that you can make sure your tenant is a quality one, without having to worry about handling sensitive information. Plus, it comes at no cost to you so  

​why wouldn't you screen your potential tenant?

     Step 4: 

    Receive a RentGrade report

     Step 3: 

    Invite potential tenants to apply

    How it works:

     Step 2: 

    Receive an application link

    Step 1:

    Set up a free account

    Application Screening at no cost to you. How's that for easy?

    What you'll get:

    • Tenant screening at no cost to you
    • Easy to read RentGrade report which includes a TransUnion resident score, criminal and eviction check, rent to income ratio, and key factors about your applicant.
    • Secure, compliant, worry-free screening
    • Potential red flags and risk factors
    • The information you need to make a confident decision!
    • Quick turnaround- You'll have the report in your inbox usually less than 24 hours after the tenant applies!

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